LIGHT EDU Symposium

3 - 5 October 2016
Timisoara, Romania

LIGHT EDU Symposium 2016

LIGHT EDU Symposium takes place on 3-5 October, in the framework of BETA – Timisoara Architecture Biennial, initiated from the desire and the need for an educational platform for information exchange in the field of technical and architectural lighting in Romania. By exploring the creative means for lighting design in connection to the flow of technical innovations, the Timis Branch of the Order of Architects in Romania in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Timisoara generate a first action in this direction by organising this symposium in Timisoara.

The theme of the symposium is RIGHT TO LIGHT, as an attempt to reclaim the mastering of light for an improved experience of spatiality through lighting education. The stimulating theme serves as a challenge to the design thinking process of creating spatial experiences, bringing together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable in the present. The theme of the symposium has emerged in response to the current local context, characterized rather by the absence of dialogue in negotiating lighting issues and the lack of awareness regarding the importance of interior and urban lighting. Lighting is the fastest and most direct way of non-verbal communication through which a space can be perceived, being the most important design element that affects the visual assessment of a space. At urban level, light is becoming one of the most powerful tools to breathe life into cities at night. Identifying the need to participate in the formation of a rigorous profession of lighting experts and of an agenda for creating meaningful experiences in architecture with light, LIGHT EDU Symposium enrolls in an action of engagement of a substantive dialogue. We propose diversifying and enlarging discussion groups to foster the transfer of knowledge, expertise and research in the field of lighting and lighting design in Romania.

LIGHT EDU Symposium includes a series of presentations by world-renowned lighting specialists, grouped into 3 frame sections: INNOVATIONS in lighting engineering / CREATIVITY of interior and urban lighting design / Regulations and standards. These issues will be addressed through presentations of professional experiences from lighting design, engineering and architectural practices, as well as lighting education and light art fields. Presentations will focus on case studies drawn from international practices of lighting design, examples that highlight the challenges and questions that guide the construction of an independent profession.

The symposium is open to all who want to learn about the complexity of light.

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Gustavo Avilés

Architect and lighting designer

Colin Ball

Architect and lighting designer

Elettra Bordonaro

Architect and lighting designer

Don Slater

Reader in Sociology

Jari Vuorinen

Lighting Designer


Architectural Lighting Designer

Rodrigo Muro

Architect and lighting designer

Iulian Angheluță

Social and light activist


  18:00 Exhibition opening

  19:00 Welcome reception

Location: Jecza Gallery | Calea Martirilor 51/52-53, Timisoara, Romania

  09:00 Registration

  09:30 Official Opening from the organisers
      Vlad Gaivoronschi, president of the Romanian Order of Architects, Timiș Branch

      Ioan Andreescu, dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Timișoara


  10:00 C.N.R.I. and lighting education – Mihai Husch, president – Comitetul Național Român de Iluminat (RO)

  10:30 Dan Vătăjelu, president – Asociația Română pentru Iluminat (RO)

  11:00 Coffee break


11:30 ECOLED for public lighting in smart cities - Călin Biriș, head of R&D Department, Edwald Gillich, key account manager - ELBA (Timișoara, RO)
Technical study for shifting LED technology towards a generalized affordable solution for public lighting, through design & manufacturing innovation.

  12:15 Human Centric Lighting (HCL) as a paradigm shift in general lighting solutions – Daniel Mitrovic managing director – KITEO

  13:00 Lunch break


17:00 * Lighting an Idea – Colin Ball, BDP (UK)
As Louis Kahn pointed out in the 1970's that Architecture is the 'Place of the Mind' and light is how this is communicated. Understanding Light as a function of perception, how we see, and not just a mechanical function of eyesight is critical to the success of an architectural project. Light communicates the intention and idea of any space. When successful this results in popular spaces where occupants feel their environment works with them.
17:45 * Natural Movement Of Light – Jari Vuorinen, Lighting Design Collective (FI)
The presentation introduces the work of LDC blending architectural lighting design, digital content design and light art. Case studies explore the new roles light can take in the built environment as an enabler of ambient communication, participatory art and interaction. Concept of Cyber-Physical spaces is discussed from the perspective of creative meaningful lighting.
19:00 Color Wheels – Athanassios Danilof (GR)
Color Wheels is a light art installation by A. Stratimirovic & A. Danilof created as a perceptual instrument to investigate the experience of color and light. This lecture will present the concept of the installation and the process behind it.
19:20 * Light Works – Aleksandra Stratimirovic (SE)
Light might be an intangible medium but yet such a powerful tool to handle and create with. I wish to see light as a companion. We collaborate. We create together. As a visual artist I work on diverse projects. And each one is a new adventure for me. Artistic projects addressed to the public and urban spaces require specific treatment and direction. I will share experiences from a couple of recently completed public art projects where light is used as main material of expression.

Location: Consiliul Județean Timiș, Bulevardul Revoluţiei 1989 nr. 17

  09:00 Registration


  09:15 Zumtobel Group – acdc (UK)
10:00 LED Lighting in residential and public spaces. Success or failure? – Matei Stelian scientific director – Electromagnetica (Bucharest, RO)
The presentation highlights a few well known and less known aspects of using LED lighting, going through a few successful and unsuccessful projects where color temperature and light distribution aspects are studied in residential or public projects with specific activities. New ways of implementing LED lighting solutions is commented, along with an analysis of errors and benefits.
10:30 Buildings Lighting Automation Solutions – Rafael Mărculescu, manager – KNX (Bucharest, RO)
Modern lighting automation of buildings are offering few important advantages: comfort, flexibility, security, energy efficiency. You are invited to discover how we can benefit of them using KNX - The worldwide standard for home and building control.

  11:00 Coffee break


11:30 Sin.Experiments - Light as Purpose | Light as Means – Alma Preda, Sin.Studio (Timișoara, RO)
The presented interventions are based on the diverse vocabulary of light. By experimenting, through projects at different scales, with ways of direct interaction between people and natural and artificial lighting, we would like to emphasize its importance and impact - both at a visual and sensory level, at a concrete and abstract one, static and dynamic, respectively spatial and sculptural level.
12:10 Make it visible! – Răzvan Gaiță, student FAUT (Timișoara, RO)
A project using light as our main tool, started as a simple manifesto against neglecting monuments. The first step was to gain people's attention over the chosen site, containing the ruins of a historical building. Then, using light as an invisible actor and simple constructive elements as symbols, the team created a project to light up the forgotten monuments in the city.
12:30 Using light as a building material – Péter Eszter & Alexandru Fleșeriu, Norma (Cluj- Napoca, RO)
Besides the purpose of highlighting hard objects, we try to use light as a building material to shape the project itself. Two built projects and one conceptual design are going to showcase this method of working with light.

  13:00 Lunch break


17:00 * Light and Legacy: How to Create a Reasonable and Responsible Lighting Master Plans – Gustavo Avilés, Lighteam (Mexico City, MX)
This conference explores the notion of the utopic city in contrast to the dystopian reality of cities and the pathologies that contribute to the deterioration of their urban and social fabric. It recovers light in its transdisciplinary capacity to identify the idiosyncratic nature of each city and provide rational and emotional lectures of it. This restoration of meaning can be used to create reasonable and responsible lighting master plan and contribute to the cities' resilience throughout time.
17:45 Inclusion through lighting – Rodrigo Muro, KTH (Stockholm, SE)
Working in lighting design within an educational institution such as KTH (Royal Institute of technology) leads to collaborating with many different actors in the field. The collaboration with other educational institutions, public agencies and professionals opens the opportunity to formulate and at the same time push forward questions that promote the development of the lighting design knowledge and practice. The presentation will deal with the importance of collaboration in order to create an inclusive thinking within the lighting design community.

  18:15 Coffee break


18:45 *Light, the City, and the Community – Elettra Bordornaro, Light Follows Behaviour (London, UK)
SouthLight just opened up its doors in the south part of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. SouthLight started in 2014 as a winter session class and as a temporary lighting installation. 15 students from Rhode Island School of Design originated, in reality, a more complex process that is now ending with a permanent new performance space and kicked off a regeneration of the area. What it means to work in a complex urban social context, what it means to work with and within a community, how you can build with low budget and fundraise. All lessons learned.
19:15 Social research in design: building social understanding into lighting and urban design – Don Slater, London School of Economics (London, UK)
Using case studies from Configuring Light research projects and workshops, this talk will look at collaborations between social researchers and designers to build a better social knowledge base for urban lighting.
19:45 100067 – Iulian Angheluță, Free Miorița(Bucharest, RO)
Light and electricity are a matter of course, normal for most of us. We are always in the light, literally and figuratively, and the phone is the our alter ego 24/24. The socket is, after a glass or bottle of water, the fiercest need. But what to do with and for the people who live without electricity who do not even know how to turn on a TV? What about the children who have never seen a cartoon and are doing their homework by flashlights or petrol lamps?

  20:15 Closing comments

*Keynote speaker

Location: Consiliul Județean Timiș, Bulevardul Revoluţiei 1989 nr. 17


3 - 10 OCTOBER 2016

Jecza Gallery | Calea Martirilor 51/52-53, Timisoara, Romania

LIGHT EDU Symposium 2016 is showcasing several contemporary exhibitions documenting lighting interventions in the built environment, dialogue-engaging narratives on light and darkness and perceptual explorations of light and colour. Hosted by TRIADE Interart Foundation, the exhibition will open on the 3rd October and can be explored until 14th October, between 10:00-18:00.

Color Wheels | You Say Light - I Think Shadow | The Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes | Lumină pentru România

COLOR WHEELS – light installation

Color Wheels is a light art installation created as a perceptual instrument to investigate the experience of color and light through temporal luminous color arrangements. This piece draws its initial inspiration from the enthralling history of color research.

Curated by Aleksandra Stratimirovic & Athanassios Danilof


What is light? In an attempt to answer this deceptively simple question Sandra Praun and Aleksandra Stratimirovic invited prominent and inspiring professionals from the fields of art, architecture, design, literature, film, theater, and photography to share their thoughts on the phenomenon. 109 surprising and beautiful texts, poetic and personal visions, memories and descriptions became Praun and Stratimirovic’s raw material in their extensive work towards creating a complex narrative.

Curated by Sandra Praun & Aleksandra Stratimirovic

The Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes exhibition: social research illuminating social spaces

How can lighting designers better understand the social spaces and communities they design for? The exhibition will document an innovative week-long workshop which brought international lighting designers, architects, planners and social scientists to a housing estate in London to explore the role social research can play in the design process.

Curated by Elettra Bordonaro & Mona Sloane
Produced by Configuring Light/Staging the Social (LSE HEIF5)

Lumină pentru România

“Light for Romania” is a campaign searching for people and schools without electricity and bringing them solar panels (for light, charging phones, TV, computers). Till now they have succeded to bring light to 6 schools and 34 houses. On the short term, the campaign’s objective is to bring light to all the persons who are living in the dark. According to the 2011 Romanian census, there are more than 100.000 households without electricity in the country. Light means, electricity, access to information and education.

Curated by Free Miorița


Social Lightscapes: a workshop on Social research in Design

by Configuring Light (LSE) in partnership with iGuzzini
Workshop leaders: Dr Elettra Bordonaro and Dr Don Slater

The Social Lightscapes Workshop Series is a continuation of the Urban Lightscapes project which had at its core a five-day workshop between lighting design professionals, urban planners and designers and social scientists who worked on Peabody’s Whitecross Estate, London to explore and help improve the outdoor spaces on the estate via a design intervention. This workshop equipped the design professionals with the Social Research in Design approach developed by the Configuring Light team to help them create lighting designs that take into account the social structures and uses of a space.











Consiliul Judetean Timis

Bulevardul Revoluţiei 1989 nr. 17

The symposium will take place in the auditory of the Timiș County Council, an extension of the previous Administrative Palace, completed in 2010, following the project of PRODID architecture office (authors: arch. Șerban Sturdza, arch. Mihai Zegrea). The first floor is the piano nobile, with direct access on a monumental staircase starting from the square of the Faculty of Medicine. The interior courtyard of the older building was covered with a glazed roof, hosting an exhibition hall and foyer to the auditorium, highlighting the old facade.


Alexandra Maier
Event coordinator
Alexandra Spiridon
Maria Sgîrcea