Gustavo Avilés

Architect and lighting designer

He studied Architecture at the Iberoamericana University from 1969 to 1974. Since 1984 he has been focused on Light in Architecture. He is a leading Mexican Lighting Designer, lecturer, General Director and Founder of Lighteam Gustavo Aviles (1986), enterprise directed to Investigation and development of Architectural Lighting. The dedication and purpose of developing a quality culture in architectural lighting, have conducted his trajectory to coordinate and teach in several Lighting Design courses (Post–Graduate) in Mexican institutions, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Anahuac University, Iberoamericana University among other national and international Academic Institutions. He has been invited to lectures, courses, seminars and fairs in Milan, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Finland, United States and Greece. His work achieves a wide variety of applications: residential, corporative, historical buildings, expositions, lighting master plans, landscape, among others.

Gustavo Avilés represents one of the professional and academic development line positions and he is one of the most enthusiastic professionals in national and international context. He is member of Elda+, ACE, IESNA and founder of DIM with other Mexican colleagues.

He is the academic coordinator for the Architectural Lighting Design Postgrade Program, UNAM and the official academic of Architectural Lighting Postgrade Program, Iberoamericana University.

  • Memorial to the Victims of Violence in Mexico Lighting Project

  • Mil Cumbres Residence Lighting Project

  • San Luis Potosí Lighting Masterplan

  • Taxco de Alarcón Lighting Masterplan

  • Taxco de Alarcón Lighting Masterplan


Lighteam is a multiple award winning architectural lighting design studio that articulates its practice through different academic, humanistic, artistic, technical, and scientific standpoints on light and lighting. In 1986, Lighteam was founded as a studio directed towards the investigation and development of architectural lighting through transdisciplinary methods. Formed by a talented multidisciplinary team, Lighteam is engaged in a continuous effort of finding new meanings and applications of light that can communicate on a physical, spiritual, emotional, and rational level.

Lighteam, lead by Gustavo Avilés, is a studio engaged in the investigation of technical, academic, and design resources to develop and promote an architectural lighting culture endowed with creativity, efectiveness, and efficiency. Their interest is to transform the way we interact, conceive and approach both natural and artificial lighting. Covering from small to large scale projects and the myriad of possible scenarios, their talented team is skilled to analyze every specific condition and assert a fitting lighting design for housing, commercial, institutional, museums, landscaping, city master plans, and temporary artistic projections, performances, and installations. Using transdisciplinary methods and cutting edge techniques and equipment, lighteam is able to translate light into design material to define and enhance forms and space, accentuate details, take on the senses, influence movement, and create ambiances.

Their profound commitment to each project, sense of responsibility, optimum lighting results, and breakthrough proposals, position them at the forefront of the lighting design market.