Iulian Angheluță

Social and light activist

With a degree in law and communication and working in advertising, Iulian is the founder of the association Free Miorița and the initiator of the Light for Romania campaign.

Free Mioriţa runs actions and social and adventure campaigns, and their main campaign, Light for Romania is dedicated to families and schools that do not have electricity.

Light is a basic need for any individual and every society which wants to progress. In present day Romania there are still tens of thousands of families who do not have access to light, education, information and other things to satisfy their basic needs. There are children who have never seen cartoons in their life and people who live by candlelight or flashlight.

Considering this situation in Romania, through this campaign we discover these people, raise funds to purchase photo voltaic equipment, provide transportation and installation. It is a first step for them to have a normal life, together with access to information and education. At the same time, we promote solar energy as the most suitable option for such situations and propose solutions for the authorities to get involved and solve this serious problem of Romanian society.

So far, in our campaign Light for Romania, we have installed photo voltaic systems in 63 locations, of which 4 schools in 12 counties in Romania.

  • Lumină pentru România (Light for Romania) © Andrei Becheru

  • Lumină pentru România (Light for Romania) © Andrei Becheru

  • Lumină pentru România (Light for Romania) © Andrei Becheru