Rodrigo Muro

Architect and lighting designer

Rodrigo Muro joined in 2011 as lecturer and course responsible of the Architectural Lighting Design Master at the Lighting Laboratory in KTH, Stockholm. KTH-representative at the Swedish Standard Institute.

Professionally experienced in architecture and lighting, has been working independently and in relevant offices as project manager in Mexico City, Cancun, Barcelona and Sweden since 1997. Trained as an architect, holds a master degree in Industrial design and a master degree in Lighting Design and postgraduate course in Territory and Urban form.

He believes that architecture molded by artificial and natural conditions of light influence our perception based on a socio-psychological connection of space and culture. Both, space and user, are influenced simultaneously in a cycle of inter-definition of each other.

Architectural Lighting Design - KTH Master's programme

There is an increasing understanding of the importance of good lighting design in urban areas, buildings and interiors. Light is fundamental to architecture and essential for human well-being, and its quality affects human behaviour, comfort, health, efficiency, safety and security. The one-year Master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design is based on a new approach to light and light planning – a combination of visual, physical and biological-based experience and knowledge applied to design, technology and health.